Operator Extrusion Scope Machine

Company: Full Time People Dynamics
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: July 19, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job


  • Function : Production Extrusion Scope
  • Country : Qatar
  • Location : Mesaieed
  • Manager: Supervisor Extrusion Scope Machine


(Examples: creation or restructuration of a department, process maturity, new position, current specific department stakes etc.)


(Sum up the position using one or two sentences)To manufacture different sizes of cables covering the process of insulation, inner sheathing, outer sheathing, lead sheathing at various extrusion lines using raw materials such as PVC, PE, XLPE & Lead and carrying out cable repair or rewinding with the Rewinding machine within Nexans quality standards and specifications.

Areas of responsibility

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  • Handles the machine, all raw materials, toolings (dies), tools and tackles, consumable items and machine output products by taking ownership and responsibility of assigned tasks.
  • Operates the Extrusion Line or Rewinding Machine independently as per the work instructions and sets parameters. Works as much as possible with zero defect by performing with a DRIFT (Do it Right In the First Time) Attitude.
  • Produces insulated core/ inner sheath/ outer sheath / lead sheath with PVC/PE/XLPE/Lead as per the job card in order to meet production targets on time.
  • Performs and verifies that the quality of the product produced from the machine meets relevant quality standards in coordination with Quality department. Plots the measured value in the control chart. Ensures all products produced are provided with all information in the product identification tag along with the status.
  • Records necessary production process and quality data in relevant documents for all output of the machine. Informs Supervisor and records in production sheet in case of non-conforming product/s generated from the machine and takes corrective action immediately.
  • Handles with care and maintains the toolings such as extruder tip, dies, embossing segment and rollers in order to support Die Shop Section in keeping the tools available in good condition.
  • Assists and reports to Supervisors and Foremen on day to day basis.
  • Gives feedback to Supervisors / Foremen, Engineers and Manager (when needed) about the quality of the raw materials and consumable items, unsolved process-related issues, environment and safety issues, elements for continuous improvement and pending implementations of preventive action measures relevant to the machine.
  • Adheres strictly to all environment-related pollution issues by ensuring that releases or leakages to air, water or ground are under control in his assigned machines.
  • Adheres and follows segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials by using the scrap and disposal bins properly.
  • Strictly follows all safety rules and regulations of the machine and the general safety guidelines of the company.
  • Coordinates with maintenance personnel during machinery breakdowns and planned preventive maintenance.
  • Assists Logistics Section in reviewing the raw materials stock and in-process semi finished goods stock pertaining to the machine as needed.
  • Acts as a Trainer to newly hired Operators in the respective machines by teaching how to operate it safely and productively. Provides training on special processes such as welding of GS wire, GS Tape and Copper Tape, etc.

Expected results

(What is the expected contribution of the position? What are the main objectives and expected results linked to objectives?)

  • Safe work practice at the machine ensuring good housekeeping of his workplace
  • Productivity in his assigned machine to meet targets before the deadline in compliance with Nexans quality standards, norms and specifications with less scrap

Position sizing

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Required skills and qualifications

(Management and function competencies regarding available Nexans models, personal attributes, education, experience) Competencies

  • Production Planning and Monitoring
  • Application of Standards
  • Deployment and Monitoring of Key Indicators
  • Team Work


  • A minimum of 2-3 years experience in operation of Extrusion Machines


  • Certified from Industrial Training Institutes after Secondary School or Pre degree

Required Skills And Knowledge

  • Legible Handwriting
  • Knowledge of Fundamental Principles, practices and procedures of operating Extrusion Machine

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