Senior Pipeline Engineer(FEA) – McDermott International, Ltd

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  • Date Posted: March 9, 2023
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About the job

Job Overview:

The Senior Pipeline Engineer uses best practices and knowledge of internal or external issues to improve the Pipeline discipline within McDermott. They will act as a resource for colleagues with less experience and share their conceptual and practical expertise related to the Pipeline discipline. The Senior Pipeline Engineer solves complex problems and uses their discipline-specific knowledge to improve their products or services. They impact a range of customer, operational, project, or service activities with the Pipeline team and other related teams and ensure that they are working within the appropriate guidelines and policies.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Be fully familiar with the project scope of work, specification, schedule, and all inter-discipline requirement; identify concern as early as practicable and take appropriate initiative to address the issue
  • Identify change to scope and promptly raise change notification, provide any (necessary support documentation and estimate. Provide similar support for Variation Order
  • Interface with all discipline to develop clash-free design
  • Interface with other department to obtain input for Discipline design and drawing
  • Maintain close coordination with other engineering discipline, Planning, Fabrication, Marine, and Project Management Team, as required
  • Document substantive communication (communication that result in significant decision or assignment of action) and forward copy to Discipline Lead Engineer and Discipline Manager
  • Assist in preparation of estimate for bid proposal, include technical query review, execution statement, and manhour estimate
  • Raise technical query to obtain missing information, clarify work scope, and maintain preferred McDermott procedure, specification, standard, practice, and operational requirement
  • Prepare Discipline engineering design basis, philosophy, and technical specification, as required
  • Participate to finalize deliverable list and deliverable, ensure compliance with specification and functional integrity
  • Attend project review meeting, vendor meeting, engineering meeting, and offshore site survey, as required
  • Provide technical direction and review of Designers producing products related to Pipeline Engineering
  • Prepare and review design reports and procedure
  • Assist to provide necessary design input to other discipline to enable them in proceeding with their deliverable
  • Assist procurement personnel in procuring Discipline equipment, material, and service; ensure that work produce complies with Customer objective and procedure. Procurement assistance include to prepare and review requisition, evaluate technical quotation, prepare query, compile bid tabulation and recommendation, prepare purchase requisition, and coordinate with Procurement to expedite vendor document, as directed by Discipline Lead Engineer
  • Assist to update weight report based on receipt of vendor information
  • Check engineering performed by others within the Discipline
  • Review vendor and subcontractor submittal, check for compliance with project specification and provide comment as necessary
  • Perform design verification through single-discipline check/inter-discipline check (IDC)
  • Provide technical support to all fabrication query, identify defect/rectification requirement
  • Keep the Lead Engineer apprise of all activity and concern, technical, budgetary, and manpower related
  • Assist to provide input for actual, plan, and forecast progress report that include associated productivity
  • Check final subcontractor and vendor data manual to ensure that all requested data has been received and approved
  • Participate in internal, Customer, and third-party technical audit on engineering deliverable and vendor document
  • Assist Lead Engineer with response to Customer and other agency (such as certifying authority, auditor, third-party, etc.) on their review and approval
  • Highlight knowledge concept and ensure learnings are entered into the system
  • Act as a resource for colleagues with less experience
  • Guide less experienced engineers on MDR and Discipline procedures, standards, worksheets, design calculations, software, requisitions, technical bid evaluations, technical queries, etc
  • Be aware of cost related to own work and of the discipline
  • Prepare/review the following for pipelines and their components:
    • Material specification and datasheet
    • Fabrication specification
    • Installation specification
    • Pipeline design and installation analyse
    • Material takeoff
    • Pipeline reports and installation manual
  • Perform I review of the following designs, analyses, and evaluations for pipelines and their components:
    • Wall thickness design
    • On-bottom stability analyse
    • Pipeline cathodic protection design
    • Free-span analyse
    • Pipeline expansion and rigid riser stress analyses using finite element analysis (FEA) tool
    • Route selection design
    • Bottom roughness evaluation
    • Crossing support design
    • Dropped object protection structure design
    • Clamp design
    • Subsea structure design
    • Shore approach design
    • Onshore pipeline design
    • Pipeline local and global buckling mitigation design
    • Pipeline seismic analyse
    • Installation analyse

Essential Qualifications and Education:


  • Knowledge and Experience (min 8 years in FEA, of which min 4 years in pipeline engineering) in using FEA package ABAQUS to model pipelines to study Lateral buckling, Walking, Corrosion or other defects, or any other pipeline and fittings design issues.
  • Ability to develop pipeline, fittings, crossings and seabed FE model with minimal guidance and interpret the results to project team and client.
  • Fundamental understanding of pipeline installation and operation, fracture mechanics, fatigue, Engineering Criticality Assessment (ECA).
  • Fundamental understanding of pipeline design codes like DNV codes ASME codes and key design aspects of pipelines, PLETS, PLEMS, risers etc.
  • Ability to develop pre and post processors for ABAQUS
  • Minimum Masters degree in engineering.

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