Preschool Teacher – Al Maha Academy

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  • Date Posted: February 22, 2023
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About the job

Responsibilities of the job

Planning learning

1. Plan rich and stimulating learning activities that achieve good progression in pupils’ understanding by:

  • identifying clear learning objectives and learning content, appropriate to the subject or topic and the children being taught
  • being aware of individual children’s needs and interests and utilizing these in planning learning within and outside the classroom
  • setting exciting and intriguing tasks for whole-class learning, small-group learning  and child-initiated learning
  • setting clear targets for pupils’ learning that build on prior attainment
  • together with the Inclusion Co-ordinator, identifying and meeting the needs of pupils who have special educational needs, are more able or are not yet fluent in English
  • ensuring that learning is appropriately differentiated so that the learning is well pitched and all of the class are challenged at their current level of understanding

2. Create a rich, stimulating learning environment that will capture attention, create excitement and lead to independent exploration.

3. Make effective use of assessment information on pupils’ attainment and progress when teaching and in planning future learning.

4. Plan and manage activities for nursery children who stay for the nursery club.

5. Seek and plan opportunities to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Teaching and classroom management

1. Ensure effective teaching of the whole class, and of groups and individuals within the the whole class setting, so that learning objectives are met and pupils’ learning time is used efficiently.

2. Use a variety of teaching methods to capture children’s interest.

3. Set high expectations for children’s behavior, by providing engaging teaching and through positive and productive relationships and an emphasis on our School Values and Christian ethos.

4. Establish a safe, clean and secure learning environment that promotes pupils’ confidence.

5. Be familiar with the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs and, with advice from the Inclusion coordinator, carry out the Assess, Do, Review process.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of and take responsibility for promoting high standards of literacy including the correct use of spoken English.

7. Give pupils regular feedback, both orally and through accurate marking, and encourage pupils to respond to the feedback.

8. Evaluate your own teaching critically and use this to improve your effectiveness.

Monitoring, assessment, recording, reporting and accountability

1. Assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use this information to improve specific aspects of teaching.

2. Be responsible for building up Learning Journals for each child with us. Maintain good organization and informative observations in children’s Learning Journals, so that they offer a clear record of pupils’ progress and the next steps in their learning.

3. Be familiar with the statutory assessment and reporting requirements and report information to parents in a meaningful way.

4. Understand the expected demands of pupils in relation to the Early Learning Goals.

Team Working and Collaboration and Professional Development

1. Participate in any relevant meetings/professional development opportunities at the school, which relate to the learners, curriculum or organization of the school including pastoral arrangements and assemblies.

2. Proactively participate in the performance management and appraisal process.

3. Work as a team member and identify opportunities for working with colleagues and sharing the development of effective practice with them.

4. Contribute to the selection and professional development of other teachers and support staff including the induction and assessment of new teachers, teachers serving induction periods and where appropriate threshold assessments.

5. Work with the EYFS team, valuing each member and providing opportunities for them to contribute to planning and ideas. Ensure that colleagues working with you have a voice and are appropriately involved in supporting learning and understand the roles they are expected to fulfill.

6. Take part as required in the review, development and management of the activities relating to the curriculum, organization and pastoral functions of the school.

7. Cover for absent colleagues within the remit of the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document.

8. Foster close relationships with parents/carers and the wider community. Assist them

to support their child’s learning at home. Present a positive image of the school to all other stakeholders.

9. Make a positive contribution to the wider ethos and life of the school, such as by running clubs and preparing items for concerts.


To have professional regard for the ethos, policies and practices of Ta’allum School, and maintain high standards in your own attendance and punctuality and professional conduct.

Perform any reasonable duties as requested by the Headteacher.

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