Clinical Social Worker – Naufar

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  • Date Posted: February 8, 2023
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About the job


Clinical Duties

Social Work Services

  • Provide social work assessment, intervention, advocacy with external agencies, social work case coordination and management, and counselling services to Patients and their families who encounter psychosocial concerns. To identify appropriate social and community opportunities and resources to facilitate the recovery journey.
  • To be available to families and community members to listen, provide advice and support to help them cope with family members with substance use problems and to assist in accessing Naufar services.
  • Consider any legal issues for Patients and refer those required for clarification to the Head Social Worker as the clinical liaison with the Security department
  • Provide direct support for Patients and their families, to assist in rebuilding Patient’s family and social relationships and helping restore the Patients’ social effectiveness in a framework, which respect the Patients cultural background and identity.
  • Document Patient’s needs assessment to develop a service plan with projected goals and intervention planning.
  • As part of the social work assessment, identify any concerns regarding the safety of family members including children and vulnerable adults and to report these concerns to the Head Social Worker
  • To be the primary Naufar point of contact with Families for Patients
  • Implement care plan that follows established policies, procedures and practices, to ensure safe and professional care.
  • Ensure that professional services outlined in care plan are implemented and evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure compliance with programs.
  • Coordinate community resources and referrals to facilitate health transitioning, long-term planning, information exchange and expedited discharge planning.
  • Coordinate the needs of Patients, available resources and their families to facilitate re-integration into the community.
  • Set priorities and establish customized goals of care, to be responsive to the health needs and preferences of the Patient, her/his family, their home setting and cultural context.
  • Review, evaluate and adjust the care plan to meet changing goals.
  • Facilitate health transitioning for Patients from clinic to home/community, which includes direct social work and counselling related to changes in lifestyle, relationships, physical functioning, employment and financial concerns, and emotional-psychological functioning.
  • Help develop Patients’ ability to cope with their new lives after recovery and develop their enthusiasm to achieve their goals that they are looking for, regaining self-esteem and re-engaging meaningfully in society.
  • Advocate as appropriate on behalf of Patients and families to obtain services and resources to address unmet care needs.
  • Encourage and support Patients and their families to be responsible for promoting, maintaining and enhancing their health and independence.
  • Training of Newly appointed Social Worker/s in addition to training of University students in Qatar (Bachelor and or Post Graduate students) as directed by HoD SW.
  • Participate and cooperate with Community and International Relations Department at Naufar in Awareness and Guidance campaigns

Clinical Excellence

  • Participate as applicable in developing appropriate clinical policies and procedures, clinical protocols, case management, quality assurance programs as per the defined care standards.
  • Provide ongoing follow-up and evaluation to determine efficacy of Patient interventions.
  • Provide ongoing support for families of Patients.
  • Conduct Home Visit(s) to follow up on patients and to monitor recovery as necessary after the approval of MDT.

Related Assignments

  • Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.


Professional/Academic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in social work from a recognized university or an equivalent combination of social work education and experience.
  • Licensed as a registered social worker in Qatar
  • Up-to date CPD in relevant areas.


  • At least 5 years in health related social work experience, including clinical practice.
  • Multidisciplinary experience across the fields of mental and physical health.


  • Knowledge of social work standards of practice, ethics and policies.
  • Knowledge and ability to implement social work theories, practices and procedures.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to apply psychosocial processes (such as assessment, planning, coordination, facilitation and evaluation).
  • Ability to maintain effective systems for reviewing care plans and services to identify gaps in services and advice managers accordingly
  • Ability to function within the multi-disciplinary team setting and promote teamwork practices.
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Cultural competency for working with Qatari and international families and Patients
  • Knowledge of the local community and region.
  • Advanced skills in one or more psychotherapeutic modalities
  • Demonstrable skills in developing and providing person-centered approaches.


  • Bilingual (Arabic & English)

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