Urologist Technologist – Elegancia Healthcare

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  • Date Posted: February 6, 2023
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About the job

To assist with the diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary disorders. Responsible for reviewing patients’ records, explaining procedures, setting up equipment and performing procedures with direct and indirect supervision from physicians.

  • Maintains day-to-day operations of the urology OPD area, in collaboration with OPD leadership, clinicians and nursing staff, including assisting in scheduling patients, preparing, and maintaining clinical areas and documentation.
  • Assesses patients referred for testing and treatment and applies critical reasoning and evidence-based practice principles in all decision-making.
  • Performs all urology testing and calibrates equipment.
  • Performs Lithotripsy treatments, calibrates and maintains equipment.
  • Assists, when necessary, in surgical urological procedures.
  • Performs pre-procedure room and equipment setup and post-procedure clean up according to the institutional infection control policy and/or protocol to ensure a clean, safe, and pleasant environment for patients.
  • Prepares the sterile tray for each procedure and preps the patient for the examination using aseptic technique.
  • Marks images appropriate for position, date, and amount of contrast.
  • Positions the patient for proper radiographic projections, ensuring patient comfort, modesty, and safety.
  • Assists the physician or anesthesiologist if the patient’s condition changes.
  • Provides effective and safe patient (and family) education to assist in the management of and/or recovery from injury, illness, or disease.
  • Takes an active role in the development of the urology service, delivering In-Service Training, facilitating/delivering the training and development of non-therapy staff, and sharing knowledge and skills where appropriate.

Education requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in Urology Technology/ Bachelor’s degree in Allied Health profession/
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent Master’s degree in Clinical Science.
  • Current, valid, license to practice in Qatar (if applicable)/ Current, valid, home country license to practice (Overseas candidates).


  • Overseas candidates: – Two years of experience in a genitourinary specialty.
  • Qatari Nationals, Qatar Universities graduates, offspring of Qatari women or offspring of residents, are required to complete a training period of one year under the supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner (Refer to DHP Circular No.24/2020).
  • Preferred Three years of professional work experience as a Registered Radiological Technologist.
  • Three years experience performing urological procedures.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to effectively send, receive and respond to information or instructions.
  • Ability to accurately identify and diagnose an issue or situation.
  • Self-motivated to perform job tasks.
  • Ability to perform procedures on patients of all ages.
  • Ability to restrain or hold helpless, uncooperative, or combative patients, both adults and children, as required obtaining adequate quality imaging examinations.

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