Senior Contract Analyst

Company: Full Time Qatargas
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: January 23, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Job Purpose

Administers the provisions relating to payment; quantity; force majeure and notification, of the assigned LNG sales agreements as well as coordinating and monitoring the implementation of all other provisions of the agreements to ensure compliance and exercise of the Company’s rights.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

QG sells over 1,100 LNG cargoes annually into all major LNG markets; on behalf of 7 fiscally separate, commonly operated, LNG-producing ventures, bringing in LNG revenues in the order of $20 – $40 billion per annum, under approximately 150 long- and short-term agreements with extremely varied and complex provisions and structures.

The role requires a very broad range of non-complimentary skills and experience, e.g., in-depth commercial operations experience, fluent contractual interpretation skills and solid business support/corporate governance knowledge.

The high degree of accuracy and time pressure on deliverables required to avoid substantial financial and reputational loss.

High value, dynamic, challenging and diverse (customer and shareholder) environment.

Volatile and rapidly evolving LNG markets frequently creates situations not clearly contemplated by the agreements and significant short-term marketing activities via diversions from agreements requires extensive reworking of implementation plans, robust controls framework and dynamic management.

A large number of LNG cargoes and multiple time zones of end-customers requires 24/7 availability, time pressure on deliverables and significant work outside of regular office hours due to global customer locations and continuous commercial operations.

QG has a high level of short-term marketing activities with extensive diversions from their respective base SPAs which requires extensive administration support.

The department is a generator and handler of LNG pricing and other Commercially and Competitively Sensitive Information which must be controlled between the different QG ventures.

Key Job Accountabilities

Develop, lead and/or maintain working procedures for implementation of the SPAs through structured coordination of input from the various functions and cascade of the latest procedure version.

Establish and/or update annual activities tracking calendar for each SPA to enhance monitoring and compliance as well as to ensure capture of optionality decision milestones, coordinates accordingly with functions and Buyers.

Ensure timely preparation and issuing of contractual notices including price notification, diversions, monthly and annual volume reconciliations.

Develop and/or maintain controlled calculation models for SPA implementation and issues required reports: SPA quantities obligations reconciliation and tracking for term SPAs, Netback LNG pricing models as applicable, Shipping lay time calculation and Special payment provisions such as netback cost reconciliation credits.

Prepare and/or verify the issuing of LNG cargo invoices, cargo documentation and implements template documents for new sales in the department business system.

Provide functional review into new SPAs or spot sales confirmation notices for the Marketing Department. Analyses issues arising with Buyers against SPA provisions, coordinates Company functional input and recommends or proposes solution options to supervisor.

Coordinate, prepare and document Buyer meetings on behalf of supervisor and maintains Customer Issue log for the assigned customer base.

Identify any potential or actual breaches of the Contract Agreements by either the Sellers or Buyers.

Provide subject matter expertise in support of new LNG SPA negotiation. Leads the review and discussion with Buyers of issues under the SPAs and development of resolution recommendations.

Oversee monthly auditing of SPA netback terminal and pipeline costs as applicable.

Profile description:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Sciences, Economics or Business Administration.

Knowledge and/or Experience
8 years general business or industry experience that includes a 6 years of hydrocarbon sales contracts administration experience preferably with marine export exposure.

Knowledge of the LNG industry a strong advantage.

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