Technology Architect

Company: Full Time Brunel
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: January 10, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Brunel is a global provider of flexible workforce solutions and expertise, connecting specialists with clients across the globe. We deliver innovative services like Recruitment (people, talent, and training), Logistics (global mobility and travel), Technical Services (project support and setup) and Consultancy to our clients both globally and locally;

Brunel is now present in 40+ countries with over 12,000+ specialists, 120+ offices worldwide, and close to €1 billion (Revenue 2021).

Your Tasks

  • Works with peers (e.g., enterprise, data, information security, and solution architects) to analyze business context (business strategy and trends), as well as change requirements to derive the futurestate technology architecture. This includes defining the requirements, principles and models that guide technology decisions for the enterprise;
  • Understand the COMPANY Business strategy and latest business needs Responsible for defining the Future-State Technology Architecture;
  • Leads the analysis of the current environment to detect critical deficiencies, legacy and technical debt, and recommends solutions for improvement. In addition, leads the analysis of technology industry and market trends to determine their potential impact on the enterprise as well as on the enterprise technology architecture;
  • Defines high-level migration plans to address the gaps between the future and current state, typically in sync with the IT budgeting or other capital planning processes. Analyzes and Evaluates Technology;
  • Understands technology trends and the practical application of existing, new and emerging technologies to enable new and evolving business and operating models;
  • Guides technology investment decisions based on analysis and evaluation to drive targeted business outcomes while ensuring nonfunctional requirements are met;
  • Helps the enterprise architect define metrics to measure and demonstrate enterprise technology value;
  • Assists with designing the governance, assurance and standards activities associated with ensuring enterprise technology architecture compliance of projects and products;
  • Oversees and facilitates the research, evaluation, and selection of hardware and software technology and product standards, as well as the design of standard configurations;
  • Identifies the organizational impact (for example, on skills, processes, structures and culture) and financial impact of the enterprise technology architecture. Leads and Collaborates to Deliver Business Outcomes;
  • Leads technology change to deliver business outcomes while also virtually leveraging subject matter experts from any other needed technical area;
  • Oversees, or consults on, technology implementation and modification activities (for example, projects and products), particularly for new or shared infrastructure solutions;
  • Consults on application or infrastructure development projects to harmonize systems or infrastructure with the enterprise technology architecture and identify when it is necessary to modify the technology architecture to accommodate immediate or future project needs;
  • Creates and delivers working, production-ready IT services that can be easily leveraged by agile teams;
  • Works closely with the product managers, product owners and EA peers (e.g., enterprise, business, information, security and solutions architects) to enable infrastructure agility, scalability and resilience to support required product needs throughout product life cycles. Monitors the actualization of the IT strategy by assisting new IT projects and ongoing operations with clear architecture standards and plans;
  • Work with COMPANY IS teams to identify solutions required for fulfilling business needs;
  • Support in definition of solution architecture for various new IS applications.

Your Profile

  • Advanced knowledge of enterprise architecture definition;
  • Advanced knowledge of various IS applications and infrastructure to define architecture;
  • Intermediate knowledge of general IS components such as Data, Infrastructure, Petroleum Applications etc. used in O&G industry;

Qualification and background

  • Diploma: Bachelor’s Degree Required;
  • International Experience Required: Yes No;
  • Professional experience: 5-7 years working on IT architecture-related topics;
  • Personal Abilities: Advanced Management, Advanced Human Relations, Problem Solving and Planning / organizing / coordinating / controlling;
  • All around knowledge and understanding of IS systems used in the O&G industry and of their general requirements.

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