Manager Aviation Safety, Compliance and Proficiency

Company: Full Time Qatar Airways
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  • Date Posted: January 3, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

About The Role

Develops and implements a Compliance Monitoring System, Training & Proficiency Program as well as key elements of a Safety Management System in accordance with the regulatory requirements of QCAA for aerodrome licensing. Manages the safety and compliance auditing and inspection program. Sets policies and procedures related to Safety. Assists & oversees so that aerodrome operations adhere to QCAA and ICAO safety regulations and standards. Accountable to liaise closely with key stakeholders and the QCAA to support the aerodrome certification needs of HIA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develops, implements and oversees a Compliance Monitoring System in accordance to QCAR-06 and EU 139/2014 regulatory requirements for aerodrome certification.
  • Develops, implements and oversees a Training & Proficiency Program in accordance to QCAR-06 and EU 139/2014 regulatory requirements for aerodrome certification.
  • Develop key elements of a Safety Management System in accordance to ICAO/QCAR/FF regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and update key documentation such as the Aerodrome Manual, the Safety Management Manual, etc. in accordance with applicable regulations and practices. Deliver a comprehensive Training & Proficiency Check Programme as mandated under EU Regulation 139/2014 as transposed into Qatar Civil Aviation Regulation QCAR – 06.
  • Manage the airside driving regulation and the airside driver training and licensing programme.
  • Manage Safety Promotion Programme as mandated under ICAO Annex 19/QCAR 19 Safety Management System Requirements.
  • Initiate and conduct risk assessments and safety cases as part of the change management process.
  • Initiate, develop and conduct airport wide safety campaigns to establish and foster a robust safety culture among workforce and the airport stakeholder community.
  • Interact with the QCAA Aerodrome Inspectorate on matters of aerodrome safety oversight inspections as e.g preparation of oversight audits, defending risk assessments, developing mitigation measures and follow up on audit findings particularly pertaining to compliance monitoring, risk management and safety promotion elements of a Safety Management System.
  • Provide advice to Senior and Line Management on matters pertaining to the safe operation of the airport, particularly on matters pertaining to compliance monitoring, risk and change management processes, training and qualification requirements of staff in respect of safety as well as measures to promote a corporate safety culture.
  • Performs functions under the Aerodrome Emergency Plan in event of crisis, in particular facilitating the operation of the Emergency Operation Center or other roles as assigned by management.
  • In charge of Wildlife Control program, working with relevant departments & stakeholders.


About you:

  • Relevant College or University qualification to min Bachelor’s level or proven equivalent experience.
  • Specialization in Aviation Management/ Transport Studies, Safety Management or equivalent will be considered.
  • Excellent knowledge in ICAO/IATA Safety Management System/ ACI / EASA or other equivalents.
  • Minimum12 years of relevant experience.
  • Comprehensive experience in airport operations.
  • Experience in safety managerial role in aviation.
  • Knowledge in detail concerning the application of EASA-based rules for aerodromes (EU Regulation 139/2014) and aerodrome certification.

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