Boutique Manager – Baby Dior

Company: Full Time Christian Dior Couture Sector: Retail, Store & Inventory
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted : June 19, 2024
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job


As the Boutique Manager for Dior Baby Boutiques at Place Vendome and Villaggio in Doha, you will lead our specialized stores in delivering exceptional experiences for our youngest clientele and their families. Your role involves driving market presence, managing store operations, and embodying the Dior values with a special emphasis on our passion for children’s fashion.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sales and Profitability: Champion global sales and profitability in the children’s line, setting and achieving ambitious sales targets.
  • Team Leadership: Build a team passionate about luxury children’s fashion, ensuring skill development and commitment.
  • Corporate Collaboration: Engage actively with the Corporate Office, sharing insights and best practices, especially in the context of children’s fashion.
  • Strategic Planning: Lead the team with foresight and innovation, focusing on the unique market of luxury children’s wear.
  • Dior Values: Embody and promote the six core values of Dior, with added emphasis on nurturing a child-friendly environment.

Specific Duties

  • Commercial and Team Management:
    • Direct sales performance and customer service in the children’s fashion segment.
    • Assign sales goals, manage client relations and merchandise displays tailored for a young audience.
    • Collaborate with HR and Buyers for specialized training in children’s luxury fashion.
    • Oversee staffing, scheduling, and budget management.
  • Client Service Management:
    • Lead initiatives like in-store promotions and events that appeal to families and young customers.
    • Develop strategies for engaging with parents and children, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Product and Inventory Control:
    • Coordinate with the Buying Team on children’s collections, ensuring effective launches and stock management.
    • Focus on minimizing stock losses while catering to the specific needs of a children’s boutique.
  • Operational Excellence:
    • Uphold company policies, manage store profitability, and ensure operational efficiency.
    • Maintain store safety and a welcoming environment for families and young children.

Skills And Qualifications

  • Leadership in Children’s Fashion: Experience in managing a children’s fashion boutique, with a passion for kids’ luxury wear.
  • Retail Acumen: Strong understanding of luxury children’s market, financial management, and family-centered customer service.
  • Brand Ambassador: Deep alignment with Dior’s values, particularly in creating a delightful and sophisticated experience for children and families.
  • Experience: 10+ years in luxury retail management, ideally in children’s fashion, with a proven track record of success.
  • Customer Focus: A commitment to providing outstanding experiences to families and young customers.

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