5 Short Courses That Can Help You Get Hired

We get our degrees after years of education at college and university but panic starts when we find ourselves jobless. Those who have got a job on the basis of their degrees and keep working without learning new skills should be careful because times have changed and advancing technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotics and the internet itself have created an environment in which much of what we learned in the university will become outdated in a few years.

Certainly, skills such as artificial intelligence, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design would not go out of date and remain in demand by employers. These modern courses can help you design your own course to improve your chances in the job market even further.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a way of advertising and promoting products and services online through Google Ads and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Digital Marketing has become an essential tool of marketing for all kinds of businesses to create awareness, build their brand identity and promote their products and services online. This course is going to help you a lot in the future if you are going to start your own business or you want to use it for your next job search because you can mention this skill on your resume.

Benefits of taking Digital Marketing Course:

  1. Land a high-paying job in Digital Marketing
  2. Grow your own business online from the scratch
  3. Work from home as a freelance marketer

2. Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a high-demand skill everywhere in the world, especially in the middle east. This skill is very much linked to Digital Marketing because you will have to design something first in order to promote it online. Graphic design is a creative skill that will make you a more well-rounded person and it can even make you stand out to a potential employer. The easiest way to check the demand for this skill is by looking at different job portals and see how many companies are looking for graphic designers right now.

Benefits of taking Graphic Design Course:

  1. Get a high salary job in Graphic Design
  2. Start your career as a freelancer Graphic Designer
  3. Start your studio and provide Graphic Design services

3. WordPress

As we all know the importance of a website these days and that’s the reason it is a high-demand skill since 2012. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world to build websites and blogs for any purpose. The statistics show that nearly 60% of websites are built on WordPress CMS or Framework. There was a time when you need to learn programming languages like HTML, PHP, Javascript etc. but now you can easily build a beautiful website or blog after learning this skill. It has become an essential skill for any kind of tech job like Microsoft Office for office jobs.

Benefits of learning WordPress:

  1. Land a dream job in Web Design & Development
  2. Increase the chances of getting hired faster
  3. Work from home as a freelance web designer and developer
  4. Start your own business and provide web design services

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is very commonly used at home, office and schools to create, edit, or manage documents that is the reason this skill is in demand for almost every job role ranging from Admin to Office Manager, from accountant to CA, from the receptionist to manager, from office administration to CEO level. Usually, most of the people know how to write, edit and save the document but a few actually know the use of it at a complex level like Microsoft Excel its functions, formulas and uses in the office. You should must learn Microsoft Office at a professional level, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint if you don’t know already.

Benefits of learning Microsoft Office:

  1. The most in-demand skills in the industry
  2. Increase the chances of getting hired faster
  3. Resume Showcase
  4. Self Confidence

5. Second Language

We live in a multinational, multicultural and fast-paced world, proficiency in other languages can open doors of new opportunities to engage with other people in a more meaningful way and make new friends. It can also help you stand out and make you a better fit for potential employers. If your resume includes fluency in a second language then your chances of getting hired are much more than those who speak only one language.

These days start-ups and companies are increasingly entering into new markets and they need to negotiate with manufacturers in another country or communicate with customers who speak another language that is the reason employers consider this a valuable asset in candidate skillset

Benefits of learning a foreign language:

  1. Meet new people and make friends
  2. Help you while you are traveling to another country
  3. Increase the chances of getting hired faster
  4. A great resume filler