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About the company

At Mace, we stand as world-renowned specialists in shaping the constructed landscape. Our expertise spans the gamut – from development and advisory services to construction and operational solutions. By seamlessly integrating knowledge across the entirety of the property lifecycle, we empower our clients, individuals, communities, and society at large to exceed their perceived limits.

Evidence of our influence abounds, gracing skylines worldwide and manifesting in the essential infrastructure that underpins communal living, work, and recreation. Over a span of three decades, our progress has been propelled by an adventurous ethos and an unwavering dedication to discovering better methodologies. As of today, our ranks include over 6,300 exceptionally skilled and passionate professionals, stationed across five global epicenters: Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Asia Pacific region.

Each day brings us closer to realizing our vision: pioneering a more interconnected, robust, and sustainable planet. The built environment harbors the blueprint for this future, and we recognize its potential to shape tomorrow. In an industry that has sometimes contributed to challenges, we are resolute in cultivating solutions. Embedded at the core of our endeavors lies an intrinsic purpose that propels us: to redefine the confines of aspiration.