10 Best International Schools in Doha, Qatar

10 best international schools in Qatar

Are you looking for the right school in Qatar? We know how important it is to find the perfect school of your children, especially in Qatar where there a more than 300 International schools and it has become very difficult for parents to make the right decision on schooling in Qatar. In this post, We have mentioned some of the best schools in Doha, Qatar to make things easier for you. The first formal school in Qatar officially began in 1956. Schools in Qatar are directly controlled by the Ministry…

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5 things you must know before relocating to Qatar

things to know before relocating to Qatar

Relocating to a new place can be hectic, especially moving to a new country finding a good job, a suitable neighborhood, desired car and to shift with a family. All of this becomes a bit more complicated when you don’t only have to worry about yourself but your family too. A new lifestyle means starting everything from the beginning, from travel costs, visa procedures, health and medical tests than getting the driving license, making new friends and living in a new dissimilar culture. Qatar is a country where you will…

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The Average Cost of living in Qatar

It’s a dream of many to visit, live or work in Qatar but you can plan things in a better way if you know the actual cost of living in Qatar. It can cost you a lot if you want to have breakfast in the downtown of the city and dinner on a magnificent cruise. It really depends on the pocket and lifestyle but it’s not that expensive what most of the people think. The only thing which is expensive is accommodation, house rent prices are higher than most of…

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