7 Top Recruitment Agencies in Qatar

top recruitment agencies in qatar

Whether you are looking to land your very first job or want to leave your current position and find a new one, recruitment agencies can help you take your career to the next level.

We are sure you must have heard of “recruitment agencies” but in case you haven’t: let us tell you. A recruitment/job agency is a firm that helps other companies with the talent acquisition process and match candidates with the jobs most suitable for them.

If your dream is to land a job in Qatar then apart from sending out CVs through online job portals, you should also consider taking help from recruitment agencies in Qatar. There are a lot of companies that offer job consultancy in Doha but team up with the reputable ones only if you want to avoid getting scammed.

1. Team up with Recruitment Agencies?

You may have tried and tested everything to get a job like sending out resumes, making calls to companies you want to work with, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, etc. and still not been successful. You know why?

It’s because you are using the wrong strategy. You are using a strategy that doesn’t give you any direct insight into the interviewer or the company you are dreaming to work with.

A job recruitment company is a connection between you and your employer. They know what the employer wants and are fully able to give you a great insight into the company/interviewer which is one of the key reasons why it’s really important to team up with a recruitment agency.
Almost all the top-ranked employment agencies have been providing excellent job consultancy in Qatar for many years but not every job seeker has been successful in getting the most out of these recruitment agencies.

Below are some tips to help you find a job in Qatar using recruitment agencies:

2. Try to build a relationship with recruitment consultants

You cannot just forward your resume to the recruitment agency and expect them to work hard and find a job for you. If you want to get the most out of your job agency then try to build a direct relationship with them.

You must be aware that in an agency, there are some specialist recruiters who are experts at recruiting for a specific industry like there’s a special recruiter for IT, a recruiter for Finance, a recruiter for PR related job etc.

Try to find a recruiter in your area of specialization and establish a direct connection with him/her.

If you have previously worked with the same recruiter and have been successful in finding a job through his/her services, then make sure to stay connected even if you still have your job. You might need the recruiter’s help while changing jobs – an established connection with the recruiter gives you long-term benefits.

3. Be crystal-clear with your recruiter

A recruiter won’t be able to do anything if you yourself are unsure about what you want. You should first ask yourself what kind of job actually you want? Do you want to work in a large corporate firm or are looking to feed the inner entrepreneurial soul in you by working in a startup?

Make sure to clearly describe the kind of job you need to your recruiter. You can also describe the kind of lifestyle you’re expecting to achieve to your recruiter so that the recruiter only matches you with jobs that fit your needs completely.

4. Nail your interview with the recruitment agency

The agency recruiters would definitely want to know you well before recommending you to potential employers. The agency recruiter will most likely invite you for an interview before punting you to prospective employers so make sure that you nail your interview with the recruiter. Don’t take it lightly. Prepare for the interview like you would if it was with the employer.

5. Don’t forget to ask for feedback

Wouldn’t it be great if the hiring manager told you why you failed at the interview or what made them reject you? Of course, it would be awesome! The most interesting part of having your own recruiter is that you get to know exactly why you failed at the job interview.

The company always gives feedback about the candidate’s performance to the recruiter. Make use of that information and ask your recruiter to give feedback about your performance so that you can try to improve yourself and excel at your next interview.

If you are really committed to get a job faster in Qatar, make sure you implement all of the tips mentioned above and effectively use the services of recruitment agencies to your own advantage.

The list of top recruitment agencies in Qatar

1. MichaelPage > Website
2. BAC Executive Recruitment > Website
3. NEC Global Talent > Website
4. CLAN International > Website
5. MORSON Group > Website
6. Ellora Manpower Recruitment > Website
7. BRUNEL > Website
8. Quinn & McGrath > Website

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