5 Skills Valuable to Employers in the Construction Industry

top skills valuable to employers in construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most sought-after industries in Qatar and other gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait have all understood the importance of good infrastructure. These countries understand that infrastructure plays a direct role in the progress of a nation and its economy as all the other sectors are heavily dependent on it.

With an increase in tourism activities in Qatar and because of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the wheels of development are moving at a much greater speed in Qatar. Thus, the job prospects have also improved tremendously, especially for civil engineers, electrical engineers and other professionals related to the construction sector.

However, this has resulted in stiff competition. As more people are opting to make a career in the growing construction industry, recruiters are now looking to hire only the best. The parameters against which they judge their candidates are skills. Therefore, those looking for a job change or thinking of starting a career in this industry, need to keep their ‘skill game’ strong to stand out in front of the recruiters.

Basic construction-related skills include knowledge of carpentry, bricklaying, installing construction equipment, etc. However, it takes much more than just basic knowledge to stand out in the competition. Outlined below are the top four skills that employers look for in their prospective construction employees.

1. Physical Skills

Construction jobs are physically challenging and require employees to take up multiple tasks at the construction site. Some of the tasks such as lifting heavy material, climbing, digging, and operating heavy machinery are physically exhausting. Also, construction sites and handling construction equipment can be dangerous. Therefore, employers look for employees who are not just physically fit, but also those who are alert and possess excellent hand-eye coordination to perform dangerous work without getting injured.

2. Organizational Skills

Just like any other work, construction projects also need proper planning, organizing, budgeting, and supervising. Therefore, employers require people who are good at office skills such as using basic software such as Microsoft Office for maintaining documents and recording important data. Also, communication skills and team spirit are very important to employers as these are required not just while working on-site but within an office setting as well.

3. Leadership Skills

One of the most effective ways to secure a job during a job interview is by showcasing your leadership skills to the interviewer. Construction companies require people, who can manage work sites, are good at cost estimations and negotiations for controlling budgets, as well as those who can bring in more business. If you have some work experience, you can share an incident from your past work where you had demonstrated your leadership skills. If you are a fresher, you can quote a similar example of handling a college project.

4. Technical Skills

Construction and building projects require strong technical skills such as reading blueprints correctly, calculating measurements, knowledge of geometry, and understanding of angles. It also requires somebody who has good knowledge of building material, repair, restoration as well as experience in handling construction equipment and mechanical tools. Technical skills are very important if you wish to advance your career or grab a good construction job.

Now that you know what skills are important, find out the areas in which you lack and improve upon them to outshine the competition in front of your prospective construction employers.

All the best!