5 Short Courses to Help You Get Hired

top courses to help you get hired

There are many traditional college/university courses out there that can actually help you get a job directly. However, there are some modern courses also that help you design your own course to improve your chances in the job market even further. Some of the popular college courses of today, like business, mathematics, and economics are well received by a number of employers. A degree in liberal arts provides students with the necessary communication skills that can help them succeed in their chosen discipline.

In addition to choosing the right major at college, students need to attend a few classes that can prove really useful while applying for jobs. It is interesting to note that a few marketable courses are often included as a part of the college curriculum. To give your career a head start and to make sure that you stay ahead of your competition, consider trying out these courses. They will be of real help to you.

1. Public Speaking Course

More often than not, people holding a responsible position in a company or business are required to interact with co-workers on a regular basis as well as present various reports and make presentations. For all this, the worker needs to have special training in public speaking that only a public speaking course can provide aptly. Therefore, if you are a job aspirant, looking to get a job at a place of repute, attending public speaking courses can benefit immensely.

2. Writing Course

There are many writing courses out there that you can take up to improve your professional writing and correspondence skills. The best part of these courses is that you don’t need to have a major in English to take up one. Remember, whichever career you wish to pursue later on; having the ability to write well and collate your thoughts and ideas is important. And only suitable writing courses can help you hone your skills better.

3. IT Certifications

There are plenty of IT certification courses you may wish to undertake to improve your chances of getting employed. For example, if you wish to make a career in computer technologies, then a certification course in Microsoft will help you like, MCSA, MCSE. Similarly, if you wish to pursue a career in networking and security, then a Cisco certification course will be of immense help like CCNA, CCNP. The good news is that there are plenty of options available to you when it comes to choosing these certification courses and the centers you wish to undertake them.

4. Forex Trading

A certification course in forex will also be a great help if you wish to pursue a career in the forex market. This course will not only help you improve your overall forex knowledge, but also teach you intricacies of currency trading to improve your chances of making profits in a volatile market like forex.
A typical forex certification course will have several interactive programs wherein forex experts will share their experiences on the market with you.

5. Social Media Marketing

This cutting-edge course is a must if you want to make a career in the burgeoning world of social media. This course prepares you to face the challenges of online marketing head on and teaches you how to come out victorious. With mobile technology has come of age and huge potential global customers up for grabs, this is one course you can pursue in Qatar and the Middle East. You will easily find institutes that provide social media marketing courses at various levels.

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