How to Answer Most Common Job Interview Questions?

7 job interview questions and answers

When you apply for a job and you called for an interview, there are various questions that are asked. The better prepared you are; The more successful your interview would be. You must prepare yourself for the general questions you will be answering during the interview. When you are sure about the questions that may be asked, it becomes easier for you to get through the whole process successfully and even end up getting the dream job that you were after! So, here in this article, we shall look into…

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How to get a job without any experience

how to get a job without experience

It’s the catch 22 situation for anybody – getting a job without any experience! However, the good news is that you can still get one. Whether you are a first-time job seeker or a teenager, how are you supposed to find a job if you haven’t had one before? This seems like it can be a challenge but there are a few tricks that can really help you. To make it easier for you to land a new job without any prior experience at all, here are some vital tips you…

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5 things you must know before relocating to Qatar

5 things to know before relocating to qatar

Relocating to a new place can be hectic, especially moving to a new country finding a good job, a suitable neighborhood, desired car and to shift with a family. All of this becomes a bit more complicated when you don’t only have to worry about yourself but your family too. A new lifestyle means starting everything from the beginning, from travel costs, visa procedures, health and medical tests than getting the driving license, making new friends and living in a new dissimilar culture. Qatar is a country where you will…

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How to prepare for a job interview?

interview preparation tips

Preparing for a job interview would require you to anticipate questions and answer them to the satisfaction of the interviewer. When you apply for a job, interviews are an inevitable part of the process which can be incredibly nerve-racking. We are often left with a dry mouth, sweaty palms, our hearts beating like a drum, and thoughts in a panic — you are not alone. An interview is a one-shot you get at securing a job or at the very least being offered a second-round interview, so it’s natural to…

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5 Skills Valuable to Employers in the Construction Industry

5 skills valuable to employers in construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most sought-after industries in Qatar and other gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait have all understood the importance of good infrastructure. These countries understand that infrastructure plays a direct role in the progress of a nation and its economy as all the other sectors are heavily dependent on it. With an increase in tourism activities in Qatar and because of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the wheels of development are moving at a much greater…

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The Average Cost of living in Qatar

cost of living in qatar

It’s a dream of many to visit, live or work in Qatar but you can plan things in a better way if you know the actual cost of living in Qatar. It can cost you a lot if you want to have breakfast in the downtown of the city and dinner on a magnificent cruise. It really depends on the pocket and lifestyle but it’s not that expensive what most of the people think. The only thing which is expensive is accommodation, house rent prices are higher than most of…

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7 Top Recruitment Agencies in Qatar

top recruitment agencies in qatar

Whether you are looking to land your very first job or want to leave your current position and find a new one, recruitment agencies can help you take your career to the next level. We are sure you must have heard of “recruitment agencies” but in case you haven’t: let us tell you. A recruitment/job agency is a firm that helps other companies with the talent acquisition process and match candidates with the jobs most suitable for them. If your dream is to land a job in Qatar then apart…

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5 Short Courses to Help You Get Hired

top courses to help you get hired

There are many traditional college/university courses out there that can actually help you get a job directly. However, there are some modern courses also that help you design your own course to improve your chances in the job market even further. Some of the popular college courses of today, like business, mathematics, and economics are well received by a number of employers. A degree in liberal arts provides students with the necessary communication skills that can help them succeed in their chosen discipline. In addition to choosing the right major…

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